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Maybe Less Really Can Be More

In my younger years, I fully believed that growth and development was a "go big or go home" endeavor. Part of that was my personality (I don't really know how to do things part-way), and part of that was seeing quick results (even if they never lasted).

But when it comes to soul care, I'm learning that less really can be more. A simple habit done every day will impact us more than any intensive class we sign up for. Gentle, compassionate encouragement will go a lot further toward growth than criticism. A moment enjoying God's presence will do more for our lives than reading all the verses about God.

Where can you let yourself off the hook today, friends? Where can you go easier on yourself and allow the growth to happen in its own time? Where can you invest in one small thing rather than trying to do the grandest thing you can think of? Start here: Take a deep breath in and remind yourself, I am loved. Right here, right now. Without ever do another thing in my whole life, I have infinite value and worth. I am called good. Amen.

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