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Relationship Check In

Today for #soulcaresunday, I invite you to check in on the relationships in your life. As many of us reenter social life, how do you feel about your current relationships? Here are 5 questions to help you reflect on them and gain some clarity. Find a few quiet minutes, settle in, and then journal your answers to these questions.

1. Which relationships are life-giving? (Which ones allow you to be yourself, encourage you, uplift you, and are enjoyable?)

2. Which relationships are truly mutual? (Some of us have a tendency to have a lot of relationships where we do all the giving, helping, serving, and saving. Which relationships include mutual giving and serving?)

3. Which relationships are energy-zapping? (And why am I in them? There are perfectly good reasons that we have some energy-zapping relationships, especially if we're caretakers. But if this is ALL our relationships, it can be a warning sign for burnout.)

4. Which relationships have shifted into something unhealthy or unhelpful? (We don't often talk about the fact that not every relationship is meant to last forever. As we shift and grow, old relationships may become unhealthy, energy-zapping, or even abusive. Longevity alone doesn't make relationships healthy.)

5. Which relationships need a little extra care and intention to grow right now? (Maybe you need to set aside some extra time with a friend to really reconnect after a long season apart, or maybe a relationship is starting to become unhealthy and an honest conversation might revive it.)

I hope these questions help you gain clarity around the state of your relationships right now.

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