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Jesus Honored His Body—and Its Limits

I've seen a social media post going around telling parents, especially moms, that their job is to care for their kids—not themselves. According to this post, if parents just trusted Jesus more, they wouldn't need to do anything to care for themselves. They could keep giving from an empty cup if they just leaned on Jesus more.

Well I'm here to remind you that Jesus modeled soul care for us. He rested. He ate. He slept. He took breaks. He honored the way human bodies are made—limitations and all. You might want to save this so you can come back to it anytime you come across one of those posts saying soul care is selfish or shaming you out of caring for yourself.

Gentle reminder: God doesn't use shame as a motivator. Any time you feel shamed by a post, I promise you that's not God. You are loved, friend. And Jesus modeled that soul care is crucial to living the healthy, thriving life of purpose you were created for. You are invited to slow down and care for your soul.

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