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Don't Should on Yourself

Friends, any time the word "should" crosses our thoughts, we need to see it as a warning sign. Shoulds almost always carry with them obligation, shame, guilt, and fear. Maybe it was the social invite you really wanted to say "no" to but something in you said, "I should want to be social after all this time at home! What's wrong with me?"

Or maybe it was hearing your friend talk about all the wonderful camps, schedules, and playdates she has planned for her kids, and you started to think, "I really should sign my kids up for a few things this summer—it's what good parents do."

Or maybe the shoulds popped up when you finally got a chance to relax after a busy day and just as you laid down on the couch you thought, "I should do the dishes or something else more productive with my free time."

Or maybe, just maybe, it entered your mind when you realized reading the Bible just isn't as meaningful for you as it used to be, and you thought, "I should want to read the Bible if my faith is important to me."

We all have shoulds pass through our minds, but we don't have to allow them to guide our decisions or behaviors. Let that should go, friends.

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