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Soul Care Sessions

Let's meet one-on-one about your soul care and spiritual growth.

Sometimes we need to process our soul care and spiritual development out loud—with someone else. It helps to have someone who can ask good questions, reflect back what we're saying, and give ideas for next steps. That's why I'm happy to offer Soul Care Sessions, one-on-one Zoom sessions with me, Amy Jackson, founder and director of The Perch.

Soul Care Sessions are a great time to talk about setting up soul care rhythms in your life, troubleshoot soul care issues you’re facing, or ask questions related to soul care. I have found that Soul Care Sessions are especially helpful for people who are:

  • trying to create sustainable and life-giving soul care rhythms in their life

  • struggling to find soul care practices that are helpful and meaningful

  • in the midst of transition and need some extra support with soul care

  • finding their old spiritual practices no longer seem to fit them

  • looking for soul care practices that fit their new life circumstances

  • sure there is more to the spiritual life than they've been taught

Soul Care Sessions can be set up for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Pricing is as follows:

30 minute Soul Care Session:    $60

60 minute Soul Care Session:    $99



What Will We Do During My Soul Care Session?

I'll begin and end our time together with prayer. In between, you're welcome to bring whatever questions, thoughts, and feelings you have and want to discuss. If you're not sure what to talk about, that's no problem at all! I always have a few questions ready to go to get our conversation started.

Are Soul Care Sessions Only for Women?

Soul Care Sessions are open to all adults, which is true for all our retreats, workshops, and events.

Can I Set Up Recurring Soul Care Sessions?

Yes! You may find that it's helpful to set up monthly meetings to check in and continue in your soul care journey. You'll have an opportunity to set up another session at the end of each session.

Can I Attend Only One Soul Care Session?

Soul Care Sessions can be absolutely done only once. There's no need to set up multiple appointments. It's completely up to you. You may find that you get what you need in just one session, and that's great!

How Do I Get Started?

Email Amy Jackson directly to set up your Soul Care Session. We'll find a good time to meet and answer any additional questions you may have. Click the link below or email

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