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6 Lent Resources We Recommend

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, which is February 26 this year. This season has been observed by Christians for centuries to imitate the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert in order to prepare for his public ministry, and invites us to remember the events the led to his crucifixion. It’s a season that invites us to be still, to quiet ourselves, to go without, to pay attention, and to reflect on death, lament, and the difficult parts of life. If it sounds gloomy, I’m describing it well—but Lent is also all about leading us to the celebration and joy of Easter. It is only by seeing the lack in life that we can fully celebrate the beauty and abundance of Jesus and his being raised to new life. Therefore, the season of Lent is about preparing ourselves for the new life that Easter reminds us is possible.

Whether you’re familiar with Lent or brand-new to observing this season, here are several resources we recommend for fleshing out the themes and events leading up to Easter. My hope is that no matter where you’re at in your journey, you can find something below to help make this a meaningful season with fresh insights.

This extremely accessible yet rich devotional is written by N.T. Wright. Whether you’ve never observed Lent or have been observing it for years, this simple devotional has wonderful thoughts and wisdom. By the end of the book, you will have read through the entirety of Luke, along with Psalm readings for each Sunday. Available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

This devotional book provides thoughts from a variety of Christian writers include Luci Shaw, Richard Rohr, and Lauren F. Winner. God For Us explores the meaning of Lent, its importance in spiritual formation, its significance in preparation for Easter, and the holy season of Easter itself. It includes devotional thoughts for each day of the season as well as historical information on key days such as Shrove Tuesday and Maundy Thursday. Available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

This devotional series explores the themes of Lent and the final days of Jesus' life and ministry before his death and resurrection. It includes an email each Wednesday and Sunday of the Lenten season (14 total emails). Each email will include a Scripture verse or passage, an inspirational thought, reflection questions, and ideas for observing the season, including ideas you can use by yourself and/or with your family. (Must sign up by midnight February 25.)

The Perch is also offering three specific Lent/Easter events this year. We'd love to have you join us!

March 26, 6:30-8:30 pm

During this two-hour creative workshop, you'll be guided in a hands-on reflective experience that fits perfectly into the seasons of Lent and Easter. You’ll paint, break, and repair a bowl that you can take home as a symbol of who God has created you to be and who you’re becoming.

March 31, 10 am-12 pm

In this kid-friendly workshop we'll be focusing on the theme of Easter and using experiential activities to help kids explore what Easter is all about. This is the perfect activity to fill your time over spring break!

Our activities are ideal for children age 5 and up, but children of all ages are welcome.

April 7, 6:30-8:00 pm

Join us for this 90-minute practice where we'll learn about and practice three different soul care practices around the themes of Lent and Easter. We'll chat about each practice, one at a time. Then we'll have time to practice each one before moving on to the next type.

Amy Jackson is founder and director of The Perch.

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