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about the perch

The Perch helps exhausted people connect with God to rest, find peace, and experience transformation. Designed to be a resting place, we offer an environment to experience rest, renewal, reflection, and rejuvenation. 

We believe in order to love and live well, we need to experience love, healing, and holistic health ourselves. Toward this end, we offer retreats, classes, workshops, groups, and resources to help you develop in these areas. You'll find that we're always adding to our calendar, so check back often to see our latest offerings. The Perch is led by Amy Jackson and located in the heart of Aurora, Illinois. We hope you'll join us soon for an event!

The Perch is an inviting, supportive, and healing haven for ALL. If you're LGBTQIA, know that you'll be fully welcomed and affirmed here. People of faith, of no faith, and everywhere in between are invited and welcome! We can all benefit from our unique approach to personal wellness.


Unhurried: A 52-Week Meditative Bible Reading Guide

Unhurried shows you how to slowly, thoughtfully, and meditatively read the Bible. It invites you to kick off your shoes, settle into your favorite chair, and linger in God’s presence. There, you can hear God’s still, small voice and experience transformation in your heart, mind, and soul.

Over 52 weeks, you’ll discover a multitude of ways to sit with Scripture, enjoying God’s presence. Whether you're just beginning to read the Bible, or you've been reading it for years, these practices will help you cultivate an unhurried life from the inside out that allows you to hear from God each day. 

31 Days of Self Kindness

What might happen if you began to treat yourself with kindness and compassion rather than constant criticism and disappointment? Despite what many believe, self-kindness isn’t self-indulgent. It doesn’t make you lazy or unproductive. In fact, research shows that people who are kind to themselves are healthier and get further in the long run.

This book is all about walking alongside you on the journey of self-kindness. Over 31 days, you’ll discover helpful truths, practical tools, and engaging exercises that will remind you that you are worthy of kindness and compassion.

Upcoming Events

upcoming events

TNY January 2023 Session (1).png
Tuesday Night
Starts January 3

Start the year with a mindful yoga habit! If you're looking to get your body moving in a healthy, contemplative way in the new year, this is for you! Whether you've never tried yoga before or you regularly practice, I'd love to have you join us for yoga! This is a beautiful way to consistently care for yourself in the new year!

FMY January 2023 Session (1).png
Friday Morning Yoga
Starts January 6

Start the year with a mindful yoga habit! If you're looking to get your body moving in a healthy, contemplative way in the new year, this is for you! Whether you've never tried yoga before or you regularly practice, I'd love to have you join us for yoga! This is a beautiful way to consistently care for yourself in the new year!

January 2023 Small Business Retreat (1).png
Small Business
January 26

Small business owner, you deserve a break! As we begin a new year, it's time to take a breath, decompress, and release stress that built up during the holiday season. Join me for this special mini retreat just for small business owners and managers! We'll reflect, refresh, and move with hope into the new year.

Broken Bowls Feb 2023 (1).png
Broken Bowls
February 4

During this two-hour creative workshop, you'll be guided in a hands-on reflective experience that addresses the themes of brokenness, shame, and healing. We'll draw inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi which embraces imperfections, cracks, and brokenness, as well as the Japanese art form of kintsugi, which mends what is broken with gold.

Galentine's Night Out 2023 (2).png
Night Out
February 10

We'll start with a 45-minute yoga class taught followed by a relaxing hair treatment from Urban Style Salon. You'll enjoy shampoo followed by a scalp massage, and a nourishing hydrating mask that will leave you with amazing shine. Finally, you'll enjoy a blowout so you'll leave with gorgeous hair. Plus, you'll enjoy delicious charcuterie and bubbly as you chat the night away.

Self Kindness Retreat Feb 2023 (1).png
Self Kindness
February 16

This 90-minute workshop will use restorative yoga, guided meditation, self-reflection, and more to help us be kind to ourselves. You'll enjoy a relaxing and refreshing break and leave feeling lighter and more at peace. You'll also connect with other like-minded people in a safe, supportive environment. You don't want to miss this relaxing retreat!

What We Offer

what we offer


Get away, breathe, and reflect. We provide spaces where you can rest a while, recharge, and then return to living your calling. See our upcoming events here or book The Perch for a Personal Retreat here.


Amy Jackson is an RYT-200 yoga teacher and loves leading yoga practices that invite you to connect with your body in a mindful way. The Perch offers weekly yoga classes as well as at-home yoga videos and a variety of workshops that incorporate yoga.

Workshops and Classes

Invest in your growth by attending a class at The Perch. You'll experience a unique learning atmosphere where you'll learn skills to deepen your connection with yourself, others, and God. See all our events here.

Soul Care Sessions

Feeling stuck? Sometimes we need to process out loud—with someone else. Soul Care Sessions are one-on-one appointments with Amy Jackson, founder and director of The Perch. We can troubleshoot issues, make goals, or simply vent. Learn more.


The Perch offers a growing number of resources to help you rest, find peace, and experience transformation. Check out our store, our blog, as well as our podcast for our latest resources.

Custom Events

Create a custom retreat or training event for your group or staff team. Amy Jackson will work with you to create and lead the perfect event for your group. Contact Amy directly to plan a corporate yoga class, art experience, or mindfulness retreat.

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"The retreat gave me time to focus and think about what’s important. I thought I would leave with a list of tangible goals (my type A personality) but instead I left with more of a change of heart. A much needed one! Thank you."


—  Debbie R.

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