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Our mission is to provide space and skills for soul care so you can engage God, others, and yourself in meaningful ways. Designed to be a resting place, we offer an environment to experience rest, renewal, reflection, and rejuvenation. We specialize in serving church leaders.

We believe in order to love and live well, we need to experience love, healing, and holistic health ourselves. Toward this end, we offer retreats, classes, workshops, groups, and resources to help you develop in these areas. You'll find that we're always adding to our calendar, so check back often to see our latest offerings. We are led by our director, Amy Jackson, and we're located in the heart of Aurora, Illinois. We hope you'll join us soon for an event!

Have an idea for a retreat or class we should offer? Or, want to partner with us? Please contact us below.


upcoming events

Quiet Prayer
July 16

Join us for this quiet, restful evening. We'll learn about a few kinds of prayer, and you'll have time to practice them on your own. Enjoy gazing out our windows for a gorgeous river view, sit in one of our comfy chairs, or use our yoga blankets to sit on the floor.

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White Fragility Conversation and Action
July 19

If you’re ready to learn, take a hard look at your own heart, and actively seek transformation and change, we’d love to have you for this conversation on the book White Fragility and action steps we can all take. Join us July 19 at 3 pm.

Reflect & Reset Retreat
July 25

This retreat will use a variety of activities and tools to help you unpack the past several months, reflect on the lessons God might be inviting you to learn, and make a plan for personal growth and boundaries as we move into this new normal. You'll also get a guided journal just for attending!

July 30

Create a mosaic coaster that can adorn your desk, a side table, or your nightstand. We'll reflect on 2020, paying attention to what God has been revealing to us and what God might be inviting us into for the second half of the year. How might God be inviting you to piece your life back together in this new normal?

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Calm in the Chaos Home Retreat
Available Now!

You'll have everything you need for a meaningful retreat wherever you are when you purchase this retreat. We'll send you a packet with all the materials you'll need. Plus, we'll give you access to videos with teaching and activities. It's the next best thing if you can't get to The Perch for a retreat.

Beginner Enneagram
Coming Soon!

This perfect-for-beginners workshop will help you understand what the Enneagram is, why it's a helpful tool, how to understand the 9 types, and how to gain compassion and understanding for the 9 types of people. You'll also get a journal that invites you to reflect on your  type and what the Enneagram has to teach you.

what we offer


Get away, breathe, and reflect. We provide spaces where you can rest a while, recharge, and then return to living your calling. We especially welcome church leaders.

Church Leader Events

We love people who serve the church and want to support you with unique events. Learn a new skill, connect with other leaders, and rest a while in the company of others who get it.

Workshops and Classes

Invest in your growth by attending a class at The Perch. You'll experience a unique learning atmosphere where you'll learn skills to engage God, others, and yourself more deeply.


Use your gifts to bless others at an event from The Perch. If you're an artisan, speaker, spiritual director, or otherwise involved in soul care, we want to meet you! Contact us today.


Check out our blog and our store as well as our guided meditations for our latest resources to help you engage God, others, and yourself in meaningful ways. We want to see you thrive as you live your calling.

Custom Events

Create a custom retreat or training event for your group or staff team. Amy Jackson will work with you to create and lead the perfect event for your group. Contact Amy directly.


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"The retreat gave me time to focus and think about what’s important. I thought I would leave with a list of tangible goals (my type A personality) but instead I left with more of a change of heart. A much needed one! Thank you."


—  Debbie R.

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We'd love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any questions, and we'll get back to you right away.

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