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Intro Enneagram Workshop

July 14, 2018
1 pm - 5 pm

The Enneagram is a personality typing system with ancient Christian roots. There are nine different "types" within the Enneagram, each associated with both potential stumbling blocks and tremendous gifts. The workshop will give an introduction to the Enneagram, exploring the nine types and helping attendees discover their own type. The Enneagram differs from other personality systems in that it is primarily a tool for spiritual transformation of the self. It is a powerful tool that can help us discover who we are in God and how God allows us to uniquely image him in our lives. Attendees will learn their type's path to transformation and growth with a focus on compassion for oneself and others. This event is open to men and women and will be held in Aurora, IL. 


(If you attended the Enneagram Workshop in February, this will be a repeat presentation—so no need to attend again! Invite someone who couldn't make it to the last workshop.)

About the Presenter

Samuel Ogles is a writer, editor, and project manager at Christianity Today. He is an Enneagram teacher and has received direct training in the Enneagram system from both the Enneagram Institute and Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, a master teacher. Sam is a board member of Contemplative Outreach Chicago, and he holds certificates in Contemplative Spirituality (The Living School for Action and Contemplation) and Theological Pedagogy (Loyola University Chicago Graduate School). In 2018, he will complete certification as a spiritual director.

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